Fund In Advisors have a long and successful track record of accomplishments and are committed in providing a quick evaluation on deals.

As time is of essence to all parties involved, Fund In has the right to refuse projects that do not meet 100% of the high standards required by our partners.

Our Advisors have accumulated priceless personal experiences, in dealing and searching for ideal solutions to fund projects under their responsibility in all continents, under different scenarios, constraints and requisites.

Each project will be assigned to our Advisors, who will carefully evaluate each project with each client – face to face – taking into consideration the following areas:

  • Cost to Access Capital – Equity or debt
  • Legal Aspects
  • Accounting

Our Advisors assume that all technical issues and licenses/permits are solved, and the project is ready to be funded in 120 days.

For those projects that are successfully evaluated, a recommendation on the best structured financing solution will be made based on the best IRR for each project.

Binding documents will be exchanged and signed amongst investors and project owners. We expect to finish the funding process in no more than 30 days, after the successful conclusion of the due diligence.


Our investors are risk averse, passive, conservative and comfortable in having long term, low returns annually adjusted by CPI – like any major pension fund.  

As a consequence, Fund In is not interested in speculative, short and medium-term deals, as our commitment is in delivering long term solid results to our investors.

A successful project for Fund In, must be ready to be funded and have the following requisites:

  • Long Term Business Plan and Simulations with Cash Flow and Risk Analysis.
  • Licenses and Permits Granted (draft).
  • Agreements with suppliers and buyers (draft).
  • Insurance schedule (draft)
  • Executive Summary.
  • All companies involved in the process – service or goods providers – must be world class.
  • An Investment Grade Rated guarantor has to guarantee the yield payments for the duration of the term – draft agreement
  • Minimum disbursement: USD100 Million.


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